The sounding of an alarm by an employee, director, or external person, in an attempt to reveal neglect or abuses within ... المزيد
Characteristic of being clear, honest and open in the disclosure of information, rules, plans, processes and actions. As ... المزيد
A situation where powerful individuals, institutions, companies or groups within or outside a country use corruption to ... المزيد
The act of a person asking, ordering or enticing someone else to commit bribery or another crime.68 ... المزيد
Legal and political systems, structures and practices that condition a government’s actions to protect citizens’ rights ... المزيد
An individual who moves back and forth between public office and private companies, exploiting his/her period of governm ... المزيد
The government and its decentralized units — including the police, military, public roads and transit authorities, prima ... المزيد
A multi-step process of established procedures to acquire goods and services by any individual, company or organization ... المزيد
Any company, household and institution that is not controlled by the public sector and which is run for private profit. ... المزيد
Demonstration and commitment by political leaders to address the challenges facing society or to fulfill a political ple ... المزيد
Manipulation of policies, institutions and rules of procedure in the allocation of resources and financing by political ... المزيد
Any contribution, made in cash or in kind, to support a political cause. Examples include gifts of property or services, ... المزيد
Everyday abuse of entrusted power by low- and mid-level public officials in their interactions with ordinary citizens, w ... المزيد
Form of favouritism in which a person is selected, regardless of qualifications or entitlement, for a job or government ... المزيد
Voluntary agreement among different parties (i.e. businesses, government agencies, contract bidders) to formally commit ... المزيد
The process of independently monitoring and investigating — internally or externally — the operations and activities of ... المزيد
Countries or jurisdictions, some times called ‘fiscal paradises’, that provide financial services to nonresidents on a d ... المزيد
Form of favouritism based on acquaintances and familiar relationships whereby someone in an official position exploits ... المزيد
A holistic approach to analyse both the extent and causes of corruption in a particular country by looking at the system ... المزيد
The process of concealing the origin, ownership or destination of illegally obtained or dishonest money by hiding it wit ... المزيد

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